The most asked question is at what is the cost  of a complete harvest?

The cost per plant is less than $ 50.00 here is the list of costs; 19.90 fertilizer, less than 25.00 dollars maximum electricity, humidity captur ballsand filters that must be replaced one to 2 times per year less than 5.00 $ other fee, cleaning ..... per harvest. So a quick calculation if your greenhouse gives you a production of 140 grams. so the cost formula is $ 50.00 / 140 equals 0.35 cents per gram.

More detailed;

A TOPengrais fertilizer kit for a complete harvest, $ 19.95 (See fertilizer sections)
A set of replacement ball dehumidifiers 17.95 good for 2 to 3 spares. $ 6.00 at a time. (see acessoires section)
a clay TOPbill kit 1.25 $ (See accessories section)

Electricity cost

Lighting 320 watts per hour, Other accessories 5 watts per hour. Total 325 watts per hour. 192,000 watts for a 30-day shoot 153,600 watts for a 40-day bloom, a total of 70 days for a 345,600-watt consumption. (30 days of flowering + 40 days of flowering) cost per kilowatt hour Hydroquébec 0.0582 cents per hour. total cost (345600/1000) *. 0582 = 20.11 $ total cost for more than 3 months of electricity consumption is about 7.00 $ per month.
So the total cost of electricity is $ 20.11

Total cost $ 47.31

You should harvest 140 grams per plant.

Cost price is 47.31 / 140 = 0.33 $ per gram.

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